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(See Images Below For List Of International Shipping Suspensions)


According to the United States Postal Service, the Coronavirus does not spread through product packaging or products shipped. Since the virus is being spread through human contact, ordering online seems to be the safest way to receive essential products. Read more about the Coronavirus statement from USPS by clicking here.

PiecePro Xpress continues to practice safe and sanitary methods of operation to ensure all customers can order from our shop with peace of mind. However, we have taken extra precautionary measures to further protect our customers and ensure that our services remain reliable during this time. View the list below to learn what we do to ensure customer safety.

  • All products are handled by healthy professionals wearing sanitary latex gloves. Products do not come into contact with human skin at any point.
  • We shine and clean our products using disinfectant glass cleaner before shipping to remove any dust that may have settled during storage.
  • Orders are shipped through USPS, a federal service that is taking maximum steps to ensure the virus does not spread through shipping. The virus is spread through person to person contact, not through product shipping.
  • We stock our inventory with high-quality glass from registered, federally compliant suppliers. Our distribution partners are following CDC recommendations, just as we are, to keep customers updated and protected.

As a company that ships to nearly every country in the world, it is important that we monitor global situations that may affect our shipping times and/or company operations. Our staff constantly refers to the helpful information provided by the CDC and public health officials. Read more about the Coronavirus situation from the CDC by clicking here.

Be safe and wash your hands, thank you for being a customer!